A Few of My Favorite Things


Here is a list of some things that make me smile.

  1. Working out at the gym while its raining.
  2. Listening to Indie Air music while I scroll through Pinterest.
  3. Sunrise hikes.
  4. Finishing my to-do list before noon.
  5. Facetiming with my best friend for hours.
  6. Late night chats around bowls of ice cream.
  7. Bike rides.
  8. Cutting my hair or painting my nails.
  9. Blogging.
  10. Cleaning my room.
  11. Ballet documentaries.
  12. Taking pictures.
  13. Watching movies I loved when I was little.
  14. Sitting on my sisters floor and chatting with her while she tells me I should go finish whatever thing I’m procrastinating.
  15. Driving on an empty highway.

These are some random things, but they never fail to make me smile. There are so many up and down days in life. For example, yesterday was awesome for me. Today was just okay however and that is alright. God never promises us that we will always be happy through our struggles and our stress. He does give us strength though, and He allows us to find things in our lives that remind us of the beauty of God. I saw this quote on Pinterest (told you I love Pinterest) that I thought summed up this idea pretty well.

“So you want to be happy? Then stop letting the smallest things ruin your entire day. If you’re bored with you routine, do something unexpected. Stop complaining about how alone you are when you’re surrounded by people who actually care about you. Forget all the drama and let go of the grudges you’ve been holding. Stop wasting time lingering over all that you could have, should have, and would have done. Stop spending you days thinking of how much better you could do; stop longing for something that has been and always will be out of your reach. Just live the days as they come. Wake up every morning and smile at the wonderful day that awaits you. Take a risk for once. Let yourself be happy, because you deserve it.” 

-Quotes from The Love Whisperer

I hope this little posts brightens your day a little bit and reminds you to look for the joyful moments in every day whether it be a sad day or your best day yet!

Published by missionforfaith

This blog started as kind of a scrapbook of the things I was going through during high school, but now it has turned into a diary of the things that God is teaching me.

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