Beauty with a Purpose


Welcome to the fresh face of Mission for Faith! Seeing as I haven’t posted since March, I decided it would be fitting to give the site a fresh new look. As I was redesigning the site I decided to focus the theme of the site on beauty, something I hope to be a focus of my senior year. This past school year has been amazing. It being my junior year, which so many people told me would be the hardest school year, I’ve worked very hard these past few months. All that hard work has been so fulfilling. I overcame a lot of heart ache this past year and I’ve reached a lot of personal goals. It has been a busy year of growth and I have truly enjoyed it.

Now that this past year is behind me,  I have decided to make myself some new goals. One of those being, appreciating the beauty in my life. Last year I spent so many days going a mile a minute, and like I said I am proud of that but there is so much to appreciate in life when you slow down and look at the little things. Something that I have been focusing on lately is telling myself no less. Obviously there are times in your life when you must have moderation, or self control. However I don’t think that we as humans should put as many restrictions on ourselves as we sometimes do. Because there is so much beauty in this world to enjoy, and it would truly be a shame to miss it by telling your self you have limitations that don’t exist.

As I am entering my senior year, college and finding my future career path has been at the forefront of my mind. There are two fields the field of art administration or curating exhibits, while another field that interest me is becoming a English teacher. In my mind however I have always taken a natural bend towards becoming an English teacher because it is something that I believe I could do. Art administration very much interests me but I always seem to talk myself out of it because I don’t feel qualified. It has dawned on me in the past few weeks that if we as people only perused the things that we feel qualified to do we wouldn’t be able to do much of anything.

Life is a series of experiences that deepen our knowledge. We won’t have a wealth of understanding until the day we die and we will only have achieved that understanding if we are willing to try, and fail, so that we can discover how to succeed.

Now that I have some free time over the summer I have spent time reading. The more literature you read the more you come to realize that authors don’t write their best works while they sit in their perfect lives. Authors deepen their stories with rich descriptions that they often discover through experiences that have been challenging for them. What makes them great writers is that they extract the beauty from their circumstances, and turn it into their greatest accomplishments.

So that is my goal for senior year, to extract the beauty from every circumstance and turn it into my greatest accomplishment. To take every challenge and approach it with a heart that is peacefully rooted in the Lord and knows to looks at every circumstance through the lens of God. To see each day as beauty with a purpose. My hope is that as God pours into me I will show his beauty while remembering the purpose he has given me to live for him, and to have the ambition to boldly go after my goals and the life that I  only dream I could lead. Because through Him, that life is possible.

I hope that you enjoy the new look on the site and that you are having an excellent summer so far! Until next time! ❤

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